Rabbits, Renewal and Rebirth

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 13 2022

Rabbits, Renewal and Rebirth

Featured image: Beatrix

Rabbits represent rebirth and renewal in many cultures and in 2022, it will again be the year of the rabbit in my book. I was going to do turtles but to date turtles just aren’t doing it for me, so I returned to rabbits with the hope of renewal and rebirth for the world. 

Rabbits are making me smile and laugh every time I do one. And that is what it is all about. Recently I got a Facebook message that told me that it wasn’t the Chinese year of the Rabbit but instead it was the Chinese year of the Ox. 

I replied, that while I did not mean to offend him this was just part of my imagination and sense of humor – this is Christine’s Year Of The Rabbit.

Rabbits for me represent, rebirth and renewal. They are considered a lucky animal, and there are many websites talking about rabbits. So I am having fun with the rabbit this year.

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