My Favorite Way To Spend The Day

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 12 2022

My Favorite Way To Spend The Day

Featured image: Baxter

One of the things I’ve noticed over time when I am in my studio, my creative space is that I am filled with hope. I get out a piece of paper and just start playing with paint, lines, and mark making. Before long, I begin to like some of my lines, marks and colors and I think, “Perhaps this can be a different way of thinking.”

There is the feeling of something unexpected, the feeling that something will emerge from my playful, joyful, happy lines, marks and colors. There is a hope that something will emerge - something unique, always unique, always exciting. Hope gets my juices flowing. Playing around in the studio gets my juices flowing and my imagination wonderfully spontaneous and well imaginative. It is my favorite way to spend a day.

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