Blog: “Queer, Divine Dissatisfaction”

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 01 2019

Blog: “Queer, Divine Dissatisfaction”

Featured image (detail view): Jamboree on the Beach

“No artist is pleased.  There is no satisfaction what ever at any time.  There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction; a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.”  Martha Graham.

I am currently working on two pieces.  Both I am not satisfied with.  Both have completely changed about 5 times.  I do not think this is bad.  I cherish this queen, divine dissatisfaction, this blessed unrest that keeps me marching and makes me alive.  I am an artist , and I believe in the struggle, the dissatisfaction.  The end results always have advanced my thinking, advanced my mark making.  Dissatisfaction works in our culture always, it is what has made or lives better. I remember when dishwashers were first introduced, I remember the big event of polio vaccines.  Dissatisfaction is a queen divine blessed unrest and I cherish it in my work.  I cherish it in my life.  It makes me alive and it eventually leads if use my mind to create satisfaction and in turn happiness.   Do you as an artist ever feel this way?

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