Nurture that which is nature.

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 08 2022

Nurture that which is nature.
Featured image: Trusting Nature

Science, shouting, “I am the truth!”

The truth? Isn’t nature the real reality? And science, is it plastic?

Plastic, since nothing we think, see, do analyze or measure, and believe in should be mistaken for the actual reality of the natural.

Science is but a measure. It is a measure of how clever we are if we create truth and how fallible we are if we don’t create truth.

Most of the time, we filter out so much of that which is naturally real in order to create a scientific truth. We lose track of what is natural and is actually there.

We cannot record everything-ness of reality which is the yes, yes, yes’s of all we sense and feel. We can only engage in nature's reality, to sense it and see it and notice what happens next.

And we need an opposite meaning for balance.
Science and nature balance for what we understand and know as truth.

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