March 5, 2023 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 05 2023

March 5, 2023 Weekly Musings

Featured image: Baby Swan


Pie Filling

Featured image: The Pie

Soul is like a pie
Filled with fruitful
Cocooned in 
Flakey crust.


Freely Flowing

Featured image: Fields Along The Edge Of The River

like a river
like open air
freely blowing



Melting Snow

Featured image: Springtime Thaw

melting snow
steams along
the walking path
currents of energy
as a child, I created. 
twig boats 
with the
boats journey
my journey


Trusting Nature

 Featured image: Nature's Truth

Freedom in the Middle Space is like meadows filled with wildflowers.

Meadows filled with an overflow of different kinds of flowers intermixing is nature’s way of being very creative.  As I pass the wildflower meadows where I take my walks, I see bright magnificent colors of intermingled deep blue greens, yellow greens and whites.  

I trust nature, like I trust those in the middle who honor and respect choice and the individual.  I trust nature, the natural space of the earth, water and trees, bugs, birds and critters.  I trust nature with its wind, rain and snow. I trust the natural space of sunrises and sunsets along with the natural space of a field of wildflowers.  For me, nature, the natural, is all about creation, It is something that is part of me and I am a part of it.  For me, it is part of the large and the small, the positive and the negative, life and death.

I looked up the word nature.  Its meaning comes, of course, from Latin, meaning “natura.”  Natura, dawn of life, to be born, creation.  No wonder I trust nature.

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