Christine Alfery

Springtime Thaw

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Springtime Thaw, 30 x 40
Original unique water media on paper
Giclee print on paper

Featured image in blog: Melting Snow

Artist Statement:

I started this piece along with “Oceans Deep” in early November but I didn’t like where they were going. Both have as many as ten layers of paint on them. You can see the cracks in many areas.
I turned each piece every which way once the initial washes were on, hoping to see something.  On both of the pieces, I always saw the water, but believe it or not, I couldn’t decide if the water should be on the top, the side or in the middle. I kept adding and taking away, which is what painting is always all about. 
These pieces are excellent examples of why I have a hard time answering when folks ask me the question, “How long does it take to paint a painting?” I just say, “A long time.”  Note the constellations in both. I am liking the statement they make about networking and linking one to another.  I also see computer boards in them, very much a part of our times and how linking to others in large open spaces, makes our worlds seem closer and smaller.