Leonardo da Vinci the Artista

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 28 2022

Leonardo da Vinci the Artista

Featured image: Visions Are Life Maps Of Me

Leonardo da Vinci the Artista, was always thinking differently and about possibilities. He was never part of a “group think.” Frequently, he was chosen as a last resort to participate in a problem solving situation because he wasn’t part of a “group thing.” Yet, being chosen as a last resort was what made him strive and struggle to maintain his personal self and identity and to be his own person. Da Vinci knew who he was and he never surrendered that self.

When you watch a movie do you ever identify with one of the characters? I do, especially with the current documentaries and movies on Leonardo da Vinci. I so relate to him. I’m frequently not asked to participate, chosen in group think problem solving situations, and always the last as a child to be chosen when teams were chosen for a baseball team, always last in a spelling bee, and always the second best friend to a best friend.

I frequently wonder if there are other artists out there, thinking differently as da Vinci did? And I wonder if that is an important part of what art is and how it is defined. True, there are those out there who call themselves artists - they are technical masters. An excellent comparison to how da Vinci problem solved would be Rembrant. Rembrant was a realist – so was da Vinci. But, Rembrant didn’t move outside his comfortable borders, while da vinci had no trouble moving outside of a border. The art Rembrant practiced could be called techne – and the art da Vinci practiced doesn’t really have a classification. Does art need classification? I believe not.


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