Forward Thinking

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 27 2022

Forward Thinking

 Featured image: Forward Thinking

A vision, like an idea or a concept, is a pre-rational, pre-reasonable mental, intellectual act. It is what we sense or feel before we have created any systematic reasoning that could be called a theory. It is something that happens before reasoning and rationality. 

Big words, so here is an example, I have been reading and watching a movie on da Vinci.  What an amazing person.  Every time that I need to reaffirm my thoughts on creative thinking and progressive logic, I turn to thinkers like da Vinci or Einstein. Both were amazing men.  Da Vinci’s creative thinking and deductive reasoning is what we need more of today.  In da Vinci’s time he was the Elan Musk of our time.  Both took the tools of their times and visualized the future and what it could be. They allowed themselves to think differently and weren’t bothered by the fact that their thinking was different from that of others.  Their forward thinking had nothing to do with what they could afford. It just had to do with their visions. The same goes for Jeff Bezos. I remember when his vision was just to sell books – he called his company Amazon.  

All of these men thought differently and progressively. Their visions were about ideas and concepts. They were artisans in their thinking.  I say that because that is how I believe artists should think, with creativity, and forward thinking. As an artist I am not a da Vinci, and Einstein, a Elan Musk or a Jeff Bezos – but I sure try to think like them.  I don’t know what their beginning visions were, but I do know that they were not uncomfortable thinking differently.


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