January 6, 2023 Weekly Musings

Tracey Halada-Pilsner

Posted on January 07 2023

January 6, 2023 Weekly Musings


The Way We See It

Featured image: First Ice

You are what you see. How you see is part of your spirit. Is the way you see creative?

How I see is not a static, flat view like a photo gives us, But, rather, I see as a dynamic ever changing, ever creative view of life happening. It is the dynamic dance of life and sight.

I was standing under a canopy of entwined branches covered with snow. The sun was shining through the light snow giving the canopy a stained glass feel – a very magical moment of light, life and sight.


Just Shine

Featured image: All Rise

Have you ever noticed, perhaps when you meet a person for the very first time that they just shine?  There seems to be a light that is within them that is absolutely beautiful.  They radiate a light that has a very distinctive dignity.  Their light shines beyond their reality.  It is a brilliant light.  

This is not a light that one can control.  You can’t turn this light on and off like a light switch on the wall. I personally think of this light as a hug from God.  The person may or may not believe in God, but for sure, He believes in them and hugs them often.  God’s grace, His light is in all of us.  Let us all let our lights shine.


Spot of Red

Featured image: Spot of Red

I am standing in the middle of the back yard, taking in the full glory of the fresh snow-laden trees in the woods. I turn slowly in my spot, almost a 360 degree circle when my eye catches red against the white snow. It was a bird house covered in snow.  Then as I completed the circle, there was our American flag dancing with the breeze.  Such color in a field of glorious white.


Birds And Flight

Featured image: Evening Grosbeak

Birds perch on the feeders edge. Their wings are flapping trying to settle.

I have always loved my imaginings of flying, not only in my dreams, but in reality and in the things I create. It is no wonder that I would gravitate to painting birds, both realistically and imagined. I imagine their feathers being cooled by the wind as they fly. I imagine the wind drift lifting them higher and higher like a soaring eagle. I can see them settle on a branch and the sun drying their feathers after a rain. Such a natural thing for them. Yes, it is so unnatural for humans as they proclaim, “But it’s raining outside. Let’s not go” or “It’s too cold.” I frequently wonder at the little finches, sparrows, chickadee, and blue jays and how they stay warm in the winter with just those feathers. Feathers, like flying, have always been magical for me. It is no wonder I would gravitate to painting birds, realistically and imagined.

I painted three little imaginary birds recently and named them fun imaginary names. They all have spirit, are unique, one-of-a-kind, and authentic, the possibility that I imagine for all folks.


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