Birds and Flight

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 05 2023

Birds and Flight

Featured image: Evening Grosbeak

Birds perch on the feeders edge. Their wings are flapping trying to settle.

I have always loved my imaginings of flying, not only in my dreams, but in reality and in the things I create. It is no wonder that I would gravitate to painting birds, both realistically and imagined. I imagine their feathers being cooled by the wind as they fly. I imagine the wind drift lifting them higher and higher like a soaring eagle. I can see them settle on a branch and the sun drying their feathers after a rain. Such a natural thing for them. Yes, it is so unnatural for humans as they proclaim, “But it’s raining outside. Let’s not go” or “It’s too cold.” I frequently wonder at the little finches, sparrows, chickadee, and blue jays and how they stay warm in the winter with just those feathers. Feathers, like flying, have always been magical for me. It is no wonder I would gravitate to painting birds, realistically and imagined.

I painted three little imaginary birds recently and named them fun imaginary names. They all have spirit, are unique, one-of-a-kind, and authentic, the possibility that I imagine for all folks.

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