Blog: “I saw the rainbows and I danced with them.”

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 10 2017

Rainbows In My Studio by Christine Alfery

Featured image: Rainbows in my Studio

My aim when I paint is not to try reconcile the conflict between chaos and order – to soften the hard edges of disorder and find a harmonious center or whole and then to soften the hard edges of disorder and make everything monochromatic. I believe that life is not that way, and we become disillusioned when we try to make it something other than what it really is.  Life is bumpy, playful and can be a marvelous ride if we don’t try and make it something it is not.  When I look outside and watch the wind blow the tops of trees, I ask myself how in the world could I capture that movement, that dance without destroying its beauty.  My aim when I create is to honor this movement, this wind and the differences in it.  These differences, this otherness like the wind is unique, individual and independent yet at the same time part of a whole.  A whole where not all things fit together like a jig saw puzzle but where everything fits because uniqueness and individuality are respected and honored. They are an otherness a difference that exists in chaos.

I deeply respect and see this uniqueness, individuality but most of all I respect and look for independence it can create for it is where I believe a freedom exists. Freedom should be unfamiliar and abstracted like the wind.  This abstraction, this unfamiliarity connects and expands for me as I begin a painting I am extremely comfortable with it and how it moves and struggles and plays during the whole process of creating. I don’t try and catch it I just like the trees try and dance with it, move with it. This unfamiliarness allows me to explore, it allows me my own struggle. For me I find the struggle extremely genuine and very authentic. I find sheer pleasure and erotic ecstasy in creating when I dance with the wind. I see the cards that I have been dealt and I play them when I can, and try to fold them when I can’t. Dance with the wind.


“I saw the rainbows in my studio and I danced with them.”

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