Blog: Glorious Life

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 20 2021

Blog: Glorious Life

Featured image: Birthday Cake

Today I celebrate life and renewal and rebirth.  Glorious life.  My life because it has to date allowed me to live and play fully until I am exhausted.  I celebrate birthdays.  Some folks don’t like to celebrate birthdays or so they say.  When someone remembers another’s birthday and celebrates it, I have never seen anything but joy and love on people’s faces as they celebrate.   Celebrating a birthday, is celebrating birth, and life, and love, and the love for creation and renewal.  So today I am celebrating life and love and my birthday.  I created a cake for myself.  But I know it will not be as good as the one my hubby bakes for me, pineapple upside down cake my favorite.  I love you all and your lives and your willingness to share them with me.

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