Blog: Words Art Not Art

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 19 2021

Blog: Words Art Not Art

Are words art?  Or not art?  I am a conceptual artist who will debate whether words are art, and whether words belong in art.  There is no rule that says words are art, words are not art.  Words should be in art, words shouldn’t be in art.  For example, words like love, home, blessings, are put in a visual work because these words are popular and strike a note for a possible buyer – they are kitsch.  There is no place for words like this scrawled across a painting.  I personally ask myself when I see them, "What is going on here? Is it the word the person is buying to take up space on their wall like a billboard or neon sign or is the word art? Where is my focus supposed to be?" This position of mine goes even further ie tattoos, hair color, or a banana on a wall taped with duck tape.  


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There is this piece of mine – Roller Coaster Ride – there are words in it – Wheeeeeeee – what do you think? Should they be there or not???


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