Christine Alfery

Posted on April 04 2022


Featured image: Wild Lupine

When we see a fragment of a yellow curve with black marks, our mind fills in all the fragmented parts and tells us this is a banana. This fill in process that our mind does though is getting more and more tangled and fragmented. It is getting harder and harder for our minds to fill in the missing parts because there is so much out there that we have taken in. But for some amazing, marvelous reason our minds still fill in the missing parts and they still are able to retain images for a lifetime. It is a part of who we are and how we live.

Even though we are pulled like puppets on string in many directions. We are deconstructed and over simplified. This deconstruction in the end, over simplifies ideas and concepts, over simplifies the self and it is easy to fill our beings with gimmicks, fashion and kitsch.

I have decided that the only path that I want to travel in the art arena is to be surrounded by originality, authenticity, craftsmanship, idea and creativity. I have decided to not unfragment my self to the point that I am too simplified, I have decided the clutter of my mind is ok, because it is who I am and how I think. I have decided to listen to myself, to honor myself, and to interact with others who are like minded, and want their realities fragmented.

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