Commotion At The Feeders

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 05 2022

Commotion At The Feeders

Featured image: Squirrel

As I was quietly sitting and watching the sun rise slowly in the southeast waiting for it to peek just above the garage top, I noticed the crystalline snow hills in the back yard, fields of diamonds. I noticed the black bird on a bent over branch, silhouetted against the grey sky.

The silence was broken by scolding squirrels, trumpeting blue birds, chickadees and flocking finches quickly going back and forth to the pole feeders afraid to land and settle in.

The red fox, the one with the motley fur, had arrived at the ground feeder. She settled in and quietly started eating all the breadcrumbs that I put out. It was a delight to watch her and all the commotion in the trees as she slowly chomped away at breakfast.

What a beautiful way to start the day!

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