Finger Lines in the Sand

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 29 2022

Finger Lines in the Sand

Featured image: Beach Sand


The purpose of creation, in my opinion, is just to create. Creating shouldn’t be for a purpose, but rather, creating should be just to create. You create because it is fun, playful, and freeing. If you are truly creating, then you are not governed (controlled) by anything. When you create, you are grounded to all things “ you” and to the earth and all things natural and spontaneous. Think of a child playing in the sandbox – before they make castles, they dig their tiny little fingers into the sand and feel the texture as they watch the lines that their fingers made. There is no need to label and have it represent something. It is just sheer pleasure and delight.

Creation is that way. It should be that way. But for many that is hard – it is hard to create an empty space where you can just be, and for you to just create finger lines in the sand.

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