Blog: Earth Songs

Christine Alfery

Posted on December 13 2021

Blog: Earth Songs

Featured image: First Ice

Do you hear them?

The earth sings
Do you hear it?
The earth sings
The cooing of a dove
The earth sings
Shouting trumpets of blue jays.
Beating drums of the woodpecker.
Melodies of the winds in the trees.
The earth sings.
Rhythm of waves along the shore.
The earth sings.
Do you hear it?
Can you hear the silence of the song?

Today the lake is quiet the first signs of winter along it’s shores.
The lake is silent.
With winter comes silence.
There is a song in silence.
Do you hear it?

Listening to the songs of the earth,
I am always reminded of what is important to me.
Reminded again and again
as I listen
to the songs of the earth
of what I value and what interests me.
I am reminded of the pull a
Fast changing world brings.
I am reminded of the silent
Pull of the earth and
Am thankful for it. Earth songs.
Do you hear them?

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