Blog: Creativity

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 23 2018

Blog: Creativity

Featured image: Circus Lions and Acrobats

Have you ever listened to someone sing and ask yourself, where in the world did that sound come from?  I have.  Usually the normal voice doesn’t sound at all like the singing voice.  I think of baritones, that deep deep rich sound I say to myself comes from him?

It’s the same way for the visual arts – at least for me.  I have no idea where something comes from.  Especially when it is rich, and imaginative and creative.  Not all my work is that way – but when I look at a piece and something emerges that is a wow – I ask where did that come from?

“Circus Lion and Flying Acrobats”  is a piece I look at and say that about.  And the same is true for most of my circus pieces.

This creative force, this imagination, I have no idea how it emerges from me but it does.  Because I am an extremely spiritual person and artist, and because I have faith, and I believe I can only answer that question with as Paul Klee did “I am but a channel” for something in this universe that is way more powerful, creative and imaginative than I am.  And thought I cannot see it, I feel it, I feel it every day.  I see it in my work.  I believe in it and I have faith that this powerful creative force exists.

Every day I thank God for this voice that emerges from me. To honor this voice within me is to honor my uniqueness.  Not to honor it would be disrespectful.

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