Conceptual Art

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 29 2018

Conceptual Art

Have you ever laid on your back and looked up into the sky and watched the clouds float by? I have many times. My mind freely transforms the clouds into things and imaginings. And I watch as they transform and change as they continue to move and float on by. Art for me is that way. Always about forming ideas, always changing, always moving. Always searching for something, exploring and discovering. Which is why I wall art and my work conceptual.

Just what is conceptual art? Conceptual art is all about art and art making. About art in the way that it always searches, discovers and explores. Conceptual is about ideas. Ideas are imperfect, involve memory and thoughts. This is how I think about what art is.

Conceptual is also about art making, creating form for ideas, art making forms ideas into something that represents something. Conceptual art is about art. It is not about some one’s else ideas about what art should represent, it is just about art. In a sense, I believe, it is the only form that is art. It is like dance, or song, if it is someone else’s dance, and someone else’s song, that it is someone else’s, dance, song and art. Art is a thing in itself, and making that thing somehow visible.

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