Blog: Working in the Middle

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 17 2021

Blog: Working in the Middle

Featured image: The Middle Is Anything But Grey 

Continuing my thoughts on the concept of universal, a la neutral, a la blended middle. One size never fits all. Just as when thinking about values and morals and the arts and the question of how will folks work in the middle when they do not blend. I think of it this way – blending our morals and values would be like saying one universal set of morals or one universal set of values fits all. That is where we get into trouble. Again, it is the respect of another’s values and morals, not the blending into their morals, that is important.

Working in the middle -what does it look like? How does it work? Does working in the middle mean we are blending into each other so we have no edges? Or does working in the middle mean all of our edges and uniqueness are there and respected as differences and that there is nothing wrong with difference? Working in the middle means thinking objectively. Working in the middle means respecting others choices including their morals and values - respecting them as unique and one of a kind. Objective reasoning is the only way for all those differences in the middle to "be."

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