Aesthetic Moment: The Eagle

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 17 2021

Aesthetic Moment: The Eagle

Featured image: Eagle

Last week while listening to the small birds in the woods fly about – gentle sounds of wings moving – I heard a louder slower flap, flap, flap - a more powerful flap, flap, flap approaching from behind my Adirondack chair. I looked up and saw an eagle flying overhead. Low enough to notice the details in the underside of his wings and belly. He was low enough to notice his talons tucked in amongst his feathers. 

He flew to a very large pine tree on the other shore of our land and perched. How glorious to watch this majestic bird sitting there and calling out. When he took off, he flew over me again and landed in a birch tree not so far away. Again, I watched as he sat, watched and looked about.

I quickly made a sketch of the eagle and today I gave him some color. Happy to share this sketch with you all.

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