Blog: Words and Images

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 15 2021

Blog: Words and Images

Featured image: Bowl of Fruit

The stories and comments I write "about a work" are the conceptual part of my work. I am a conceptual abstract artist.  These texts, these stories, both textual and visual, are part of me and who I am, what I believe and what my values are.  I am never divorced from either.  And it is my way of encouraging others in a non-confrontational way to think about what stopped them and why, to think about what the story is, the concept here.    

I also love sharing the concepts and stories because they create a history. My history, that is constantly changing but also, a history of the times I live in, and that others live in.    When I write, it is to record a history of the present. 

Let me share this example:  The painting I am using here is an older one.  When I first painted it, it was a bowl of fruit but when I framed it up and hung it on commission in a stockbrokers office, I told him the title was Bowl of Fruit.  He said, "It looks like a push lawnmower to me that just ran over a rabbit and blood is oozing out."  

This piece for me will forever be “Lawn Mower” because of what happened that day.  Now, I don’t have the work listed that way on my site because really it was a bowl of fruit.  I just recently retrieved the work back, when the stockbroker changed his office.  I had forgotten all about it, but it one of the reasons I do not put work out there like that anymore.  

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