Blog: Where Does Knowledge Come From?

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 15 2021

Blog: Where Does Knowledge Come From?

Featured image: Reaching For the Stars II

Why do some individuals seek knowledge? Is it for power? Is it important for knowledge to be objective and based on reality? For me, I answer to this last question is yes, yes, yes. But, I also recognize that objective knowledge today is hard to come by just like freedom and independence is getting harder and harder to come by. Objective knowledge, I believe is based on experience, perceptions, sensations and free choice.

All my life has been about individuals, rugged individuals, individuals who are not afraid to step outside the box and to color outside the lines. Some of the stars of my rugged individualist series: objective reasoning, free choice, experience, perceptions, sensations and honesty. All of these are l concepts that help inform concepts and our knowledge.

The stars, the rugged individualists are sadly losing the light that allows them to shine and glow ever more brightly.

How? With inaccurate information from those who have been charged to see, to inform, to invent, to create.

Rugged individualist are those whose values include independence, freedom, happiness and realize that they are the only ones who are able to create these values for themselves. Why? Because they are unique, and they uniquely recognize their individual needs.

Right now, there is a struggle to maintain their uniqueness. There is a struggle for all of us to maintain our uniqueness, our one of a kindness, or authority over our hearts, minds, spirits and souls.

This series: Rugged Individualism, is about those individuals who stand out in a crowd, whose light still shines. We are drawn to them, not because we wish to surrender to them, but because we wish to understand what makes them shine. We want to understand because we want our star to shine, uniquely all on its own like theirs.

Knowledge thinking, what it means to create. Our knowledge is not arbitrary. It is based on our histories, the histories that came before us, and the concepts we create from our sensations, experience, and perceptions. Our knowledge is not created from force, nor from mystical illusions that are subjective and not objective. Our knowledge is created from realities that make our lives better, and make future generations grow and be unique.

The series: Rugged Individualism, is all about unique individuals whose stars still shine.

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