Blog: Alternative Environments

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 18 2021

Blog: Alternative Environments
Featured image: Our Connections

My artwork depicts experiences into alternate environments. I play off organic and natural elements. Yet, at the same time I am abstracting these recognizable objects to help transport you into unique places of existence- unique places of existence that allow you to imagine and think differently about all things. I also try to evoke energy and self-recognition within each journey that is made by my work. I play off negative and positive spaces. At the same time, I maintain a balance between the two by using landscapes, horizons, boarders, trees, roots, tunnels, bridges or lines to help connect to the fantasy-like feeling of you imagination. My landscapes are meant to convey how we sometimes feel when we are connected, and disconnected, conflicted or caught in unusual situations that we need to push on to explore and find new meaning for our lives.

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