Abstract Work of Art Is Unpredictable

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 15 2019

 Best Of Show Midwest Abstract.  Southside Art League.  Indianapolis, IN.
Featured image: The Way Out


An abstract work of art is unpredictable not only for the artist as she creates the work, but also for the viewer when they become engaged with the work.  

Conceptual abstract work for me is not based on a moral value, that would be able to soon become a political value, rather conceptual abstract work is based on the senses, including a sense of character.  It is not based on what is good or bad character is not based on the moral standards of a high culture, high art and right and wrong that blend harmoniously. A work with character sparkles with the souls, the spirits of the viewer and the artist.

The force of the individual is important in conceptual abstract work. The work and the artist must always be itself and for me is an intense element within the work.  A work of art with character can be both serious and frivolous, filled with reality and at the same time filled with fantasy and play. A work with character is theatrical, is exotic.

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