Christine Alfery

Yellow Trees Blue Skies

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Yellow Trees Blue Skies, 14 x 14
Original unique water media on paper
Giclee print on paper

Featured image in blog, How Do I Come Up With The Title Of My Work


Christine Alfery’s work “Home” and “Yellow Trees Blue Sky” were two of the official winners for AcrylicWorks 8. The list of all the winners and their works will be shared on in July 2021 with newsstand release date of August 17th 2021. 

Awarded the Merit Award at Juried National Exhibition. Mid-West Seasons. “Yellow Trees Blue Sky.” Center For The  Visual Arts. Wausau, WI.

Author Statement: Northern Wisconsin is always filled with big blue skies, and wonderful fresh colors, sounds of silence, wind, waves and wings.

When you bravely create a line, a line like no other you have done, for me the line of purple in “Yellow Trees and Blue Sky” was placed with concern, and when you are honest with yourself and how you wish to create marks in your work, and about who you are, your artwork will stand out all by itself. The artwork will be recognized as one of a kind, something that needs to always be present in our understanding of art.  Art has a lot to do with what the concept of art represents and for me “Yellow Trees and Blue Sky” represent my love for natural and the real.  While the artwork may be pleasant to the eye – it is what the work and the concept of art that are what count for me.