Christine Alfery

Three Green Apples

Three Green Apples, 30 x 40

Original water media on paper - Sold



“Three Green Applies” was selected to be in the 2018 Still Life Exhibition at Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery.

I was told: The jurors selected a broad spectrum of styles and techniques in order to present a balance cohesive & interesting exhibition. Not all pieces from every artist were juried into the show so you should be very proud your work that was in the show.

“Three Green Apples”  was accepted into the Fine Art Exhibition at the Crooked Tree Art Center in Petoskey, MI.  The juror Patrick Wise made this statement about judging this exhibition:

I am honored to have juried the Crooked Tree Art Center 2017 Fine Art Exhibition. 

As a fellow artist and peer who continues to enter exhibitions with the hopes of being accepted, I know and can appreciate the trials and joys of the process. 

We open ourselves up to each other: vulnerable, courageous, wanting to share our creations and our unique way of looking at the world. Our individual intentions may range from building an exhibition CV, to winning prize monies, or just for the chance to be recognized by our peers. Whatever the reasons to enter, as creators of art, we strive to connect to our spiritual selves, our shared humanity, and our audience. Through the visual language of art, a conversation is being begged between the artist, their work and you. 

My vision for this show has been to bring together a collection of artists who speak to a wide array of intellectual interests and emotional responses through their choice of subject matter, form, and content. I am interested in the whole conversation and have learned to ask questions of work that I do not understand. By asking the right questions I walk away with an appreciation of what the artist is attempting to say, whether a work agrees with my aesthetic sensibilities or not. It has been a wonderful experience to open myself up to the many ideas presented, new visual styles, and modes of communicating. It has also been a journey of mystery, fun and humor, serious questioning and confrontation as I have chosen what I feel is a strong and cohesive group of work.

I couldn’t agree with him more about opening ourselves to different ideas.  This is a great statement about the judging process and I thought I would share it here.

“Three Green Apples” was accepted into the 2017 Crooked Tree Arts Center Juried Fine Arts Exhibition in Petoskey, Michigan. “Three Green Apples” has been in 3 national exhibitions during the past couple of years.

“Three Green Apples” was included in the Breckenridge International Fine Art Competition in Breckenridge TX.

Arkansas League of Artists Award. National Juried Exhibition.  “Three Green Apples” Mid-Southern Watercolorists, Inc.  Little Rock, AK.