Christine Alfery

The Magical Cape

The Magical Cape, 30 x 40

Original water media on paper - Sold


Artist statement:

I just finished this piece – it was hard for me to do as I had trouble figuring out how I wanted to paint a magical cape that is part of my childhood memories. Capes are very interesting things – when I did my research on them seeing how others had created them, made them flow – made them magical. I must have filled 50 pages of sketches imagining this cape and in the end like all my other work it ended up completely different than I imagined it. This is part of my “Memories” series.

When I was a little girl I had this very lacy old skirt of my moms that she let me play dress up with. I had a whole trunk filled with dress up clothes that would fill my afternoons will magnificent imaginary places. But the very lacy old skirt was one of my favorites it was filled will brilliant colors and when I wasn’t a fancy lady going to a ball I would don the skirt and present it was a magical cape that would allow me to do unrealistic feats that I would dream up in my imaginary castles and fairy houses and playgrounds. We didn’t have a TV until I was about 10 years old, and then it was a 10×10 black and white television in a big fancy piece of furniture. No bigger than a radio. My most favorite TV show – well one my parents would let me watch was Howdy Duddy Time with Clarabelle the clown and The Ed Sullivan Show. Not having a TV when I was young was a wonderful thing as I created my own playgrounds and imagine my own fun. I would don my magical cape filled with glorious lace and color and wave my sparkly wand while wearing my magical cape and magically travel to anyplace I could dream of.