Christine Alfery

The Healer

The Healer,75 x 53
Water media on canvas- sold
Also known as Queen of Illusions - At the Circus


I feel it is important to share jurors comments when they are offered with my blog readers.  This one was just passed on to me.  I did not make the final cut for the national exhibition but I made the finalists list and the jurors comments were very telling.  I actually felt the same way about his comments as he did about my work which is interesting and very honest.  Anyway just sharing the ups and downs, pluses and minuses of being an artist.

Dan Simoneau, ISAP Master.  “Queen Of Illusions”  was one of the finalists for the International Society of Acrylic Painters. It did not make the national exhibition but the juror stated, “a little vulgar, but with some stylistic eloquence.”  The work did not make the final cut for the national exhibition.  But I am honored to have had it make the finalists list.