Christine Alfery

Sisyphus At the Museum – Sarasota Circus Museum

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Sisyphus At the Museum- Sarasota Circus Museum, 15 x 11

Giclee print on paper available
Unique water media on paper- sold

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Gears Series:

Christine Alfery’s current series “Gears” has gone by many names. For this artist, the process of exploring a concept usually takes precedence over the final result.

Much like her paintings, layer upon layer has been added - each layer adding depth and texture to the initial idea. As she explains "I just let the work travel and become something else that is just as wonderful - I let the work become what it wants to become not what I want it to become."

In this series, Alfery explored the apparent dichotomy of natural creation versus man-made design. The artist discovered these forces are two sides of the same coin – you cannot have one without the other. The key is balance, and this is found in creativity. 

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