Christine Alfery

Old Growth VI

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Old Growth VI, 30 x 40
Original unique water media on paper
Giclee print on paper

Also known as The History of A Tree -Old Growth


Members Online Exhibition. National Juried. Philadelphia Watercolor Society. “Flowers from my Garden II” and “Old Growth VI”

Juried National Exhibition. Mid-West Seasons. “Old Growth VI.” Center For The Visual Arts. Wausau, WI.

Artist Statement:

“There is something absolutely wonderful when I am walking in the woods and come across really large virgin trees. Yesterday, while we were hiking one of the trails to Rainbow Falls at Black River Harbor, we came across several groves of very large cedar and white pines. Just imagine living that long, getting that tall, and surviving all sorts of weather. Nature never ceases to amaze and will me with wonder and gratitude for life. “