Christine Alfery


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Inspiration, 40 x 30
Original unique water media on paper
Giclee print on paper

Featured image in blog, Art Comes Alive

  • Culture and Agriculture Exhibition. New Visions Gallery. Marshfield, WI. 2023
  • VMRC Exhibition. Park Gables Gallery. Harrisburg, Virginia. 2023
  • 53rd International Exhibition.  Place Gallery.  New Orleans, LA. 2023
  • "Inspiration." Merit Award. Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Aqueous Open Exhibition
  • "Inspiration."Juried Trinity Art Show. Sparrow Gallery. Sacramento, CA
  • "Inspiration" accepted into the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society (PWS) Aqueous Open Exhibition.

Artist Statement:
Isolating parts of reality is abstraction. Then expanding upon this isolated part, is when I begin to create a concept that will be the idea behind my work. By isolating a small part of reality and helping it grow into something wonderfully remixed and unique is what my art is all about. Its uniqueness comes from my personal expression, my individualism that I weave into the work as I paint it. This uniqueness, this one of a kind thing, this not one size fits all is how I define my work my technique/style conceptual abstraction. It is I sincerely believe how God created all things, including how we heal our wounds and restore our health, through each of us as unique individuals and the work we do in His world.