Christine Alfery

Beat Goes On

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Beat Goes On, 30 x 40
Giclee on paper available
Original water media on paper - Sold


Honorary Signature Membership Award. "Alone On a Cliff," The Beat Goes On" and "Flying  Circus." Texas Watercolor Society.

Juried National Exhibition.  “The Beat Goes On.”  Texas National Watercolor Society. San Antonio, TX.

Publication. St. Stephans Lutheran Church. Wilmington, DE.  “Organ Grinders Music.”

“The Beat Goes On”  was accepted into the Texas Watercolor Societies 70th National Juried Exhibition.  The judge was Carol Carter.  Carol is an internationally renowned American artist whose work has been exhibited in six countries and published worldwide. The US Embassy sponsored a solo exhibition of her work at the Teatro del Centro de Arte, Guayaquil, Ecuador in 2003.

Award of Excellence.  Juried National Exhibition. Mid-West Seasons. “The Beat Goes On.” Center For The Visual Arts. Wausau, WI.