Collector and Art Lover Comments

Selected comments Collectors and Art Lovers:

Stunning artwork!

Gregg Rochester

Wonderful imagination and creative spirit. Beautiful artwork and artist.

Nancy TeWinkel

Christine is one of the best artists I know.

Jackie Alberg

Beautiful, imaginative artwork! Christine is a joy to work with.

Paula Schulz

I own 4 of Christine's paintings in my collection. I love them more each day.

Susan Twiggs

All your paintings move me. Color is my world, and I love the feeling I get when I embrace each painting. Out on a limb actually tosses me into the ocean. A Little Bit of Sunshine makes me wanna be in a meadow, on my back, with the sun beating on my face. I may not be able to interpret your paintings, but they all make me feel an emotion❤

Suzanne Kepler Ahnquist

Christine Alfery’ art lifts and nourishes the spirit with her soothing use of beautiful colors,unique style and very pleasing to the eye shapes. I love her work!✨❣

Rose Rodriguez

I like the look of a soft wild and free touch. The colors you used are so life like. I can vision this painting in reality. Yes I would love for you to put my name in the drawing. Thank you! This painting would match my entire decor I’m my house. ❤ Much love to you. Keep up your beautiful work, I enjoy following you

Lisa Sundy

I'm drawn to A Little Bit of Sunshine not only because it's an expressive painting but it tells a bit of my life. The connection being the flowers bloom in spring and they need the sunshine in order to bloom. Just like mankind. The painting evokes childhood memories of my mother's garden. Spring brought peonies, irises, and tulips. This provided the foundation for the love of gardening as an adult. Every spring l like to think l keep my Mother's memory alive with same kind of flowers my mother had in her garden. We lost her when l was 15 years old.
I will be able to enjoy her presence in my life all year around.

Vicki Cruz

This is what I see in these two beautiful paintings. Out On A Limb I love how I am guided in from the bottom left. Climbing the ladder to something wonderful; color, movement! I'm then whisked away into the brilliant blue that carries me to safety and I ride into calmer waters.

A Little Bit Of Sunshine Happy, Happy, Happy! I feel the warmth of the sun as flowers dance to fill me with joy. The variety of flowers keep me in this painting as my eye moves about enjoying each one.

Lisa Krueger

 Alfery has introduced us to the artistic manifestation of the firmament in our world. Genesis: 1: 6-7: God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water, that it may separate water from water. God made the firmament, and it separated the water which was below the firmament from the water which was above the firmament. And it was so." Two sides: East and West, Heaven and Earth, Physical and Spiritual. Alfery illustriously captivates us by displaying the very disconnect we experience everyday. We see this horizontally and vertically, expressing our asymmetric relationship with man, and our arcane quest to conjoin with the Almighty, respectively. As we prosper on Earth as blossoming, developing, sophisticated beings, but quarrel with our brethren, we are only inhibiting our capability from tearing down this vertical firmament. Our peace, is not something to trifle with. As it is suppressed due to our invoking of animosity towards mankind. Only when we learn to abrogate this virulence in our physical world, will G-D eradicate these firmaments from reality, and our rose petals will burgeon to the heavens. "Out on a limb" and "Little bit of Sunshines"'s message is inspiring, and executes exactly these titles. As we bring ourselves close to man, we will feel the eternal light from the heavens. Thank you for helping me succeed in connecting to the bible in a visual fashion. Bravo!

Yakir Greenberg

The juxtaposition of these works is edifying. Alfery shows tremendous range even within a similar color palate.

In "Out on a Limb", the use of of a vertical ladder shape in the left third of the frame creates a perspectival effect of blissful calm, on the one hand, existing in contrast to the depth and perhaps unknowable chaos on the right two-thirds of the frame. In the liminal space between these two contrasting tropes, this chaos spills over in deep yellow brushstrokes and a cavalcade of color. The disorder of an encounter between these two states - of white calm and blue depth - is continued with the manichean framing of small orbs; yellow suns on the left and black circles on the right. Ultimately it is the meeting place of these two sides, of white and blue; calmness and depth, that is most compelling to me. The encounter of contrast, of the opposite, results in joy. And that is a message that resonates with me.

Mateo Aceves

It’s not often you encounter a single image whose halves could be wholly separable works of art on their own, each with a distinct color scheme, subject and style. It’s even less often that these two halves, each alike in dignity, still manage to feel cohesive. Not two different thoughts, but the same notion, revisited and re-examined.
The white line separating the two images (the sky and the ground? The day and the night?) is thick and definite, but not strong enough, apparently, to stop the butterflies from escaping up into the blue swirl.

Thank you for providing an opportunity to express our sentiments and deep down feelings!

Ilana Rae Borzak

It's a breath of fresh air when new exciting art pops up on my FB page! I have always enjoyed, and created, abstract art, and enjoy every post by Christine. Every post is interesting to me, I can't look at any of Christine's paintings and just look away, it's never that easy.

Ray Atwood

Because I like it! It catches my eye.I wonder about the subject inspiration as well as the application of paint. Were I able to see it, and dismiss it, I wouldn't be here. It's that fact that I can't take it for it's own merit and move on, I have to think about it. I study each piece. I think about what's going on, what is it that I like? There are never definitive answers.

Ray Atwood

I am drawn to Christine's work because i love how she paints all the vivid colors reminds me of beautiful meadows with flowers around the world.

Martha Marina Belendez-Martin

I’m drawn to Christines work because they are always bright, beautiful and thought provoking. They are never dark or sad but full of life. My imagination really gets working while looking at her art.

Penny Ewan Kluetz

I am drawn to Christine’s work because it transports me to a far away land filled with whimsical happiness and glorious color.

Candace Schneider

I'm drawn to Christine's work because it is imaginative and bold. She incorporates nature and design with a liberation. She paints the way I like to write--with poetic flair.

June Thompson

I am drawn to Christine's work because it speaks to me at an emotional level, and allows me to fill in the blanks. Same reason a good book is better than its movie.

Bruce Roberts

I am drawn to Christine's work because of the pure emotion in the colors. I love the paintings with the bright, jewel tones that have so much joy and whimsy. I also like how abstract they are, almost like a cloud with an interpretation that can change everytime you look at it.

Larissa Herrera

I am drawn to Christine's work because it is captivating and real to me. I see it feels like home.
I, as well do art. It's like meditation to me. I feel connected to her work. It's quite comforting... especially at times like these.

Teri Garner

I’m drawn to Christine’s work because Christine did it. Sounds simple, but we’ve gotten to know you and your work in recent years. We own “Yellow Submarine”, I look at it most every day and I love it.

Patrick Howe

I’m drawn to Christine’s work because the vibrant colors foster a great energy. I especially love the black and white shoots that add dimension to this piece! Beautiful Christine. Happy Spring!

Barbara Parish Porcher