One In A Million Series

One of my professors in college told me to paint every day – and I still do. This same professor told me that if I was lucky perhaps 1 int 10 works will turn out so I shouldn’t get so upset with the ones that don’t.

Over the years I have come to realize that it is not one in 10 but more like one in maybe 50 works will turn out free and independent.  But that ONE work – that one in a million – is so worth the 49 others.  All those works to get that one piece.  To get the discovery that explodes from that one piece.  That discovery – well it is just glorious. 

You never know when that one in a million will happen.  Don’t be afraid – explore – and put all your energy into the one work you are working on.  You never know when that one in a million will happen.

Every time I start a new work, I don’t try to make it that perfect piece.  As I create I ask myself – but is this art?  Hidden within this question is – is it free – it is unique – is it one of a kind. 

Only through freedom does innovation come.  Only through freedom will this work become that one.


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