Since covid I have been creating a series of different images and concepts that have been out of the comfortable realm for me. It started with flowers, abstract and a tad realistic.  I wanted folks to feel that they could still give flowers during this time.  I wanted to remind them of the happiness that flowers bring for all occasions except the flowers in my artwork don't die.

The following year I did rabbits.  Covid was still in the picture and many of us had hopes that this would be the year Covid would go away.  So the rabbits were a symbol of hope and new beginnings, birth and renewal.

I am still doing flowers and I am still doing rabbits, and covid is still in the picture.  What's become normal is that we are making it part of our daily lives and have for the most part, moved on to the place we are comfortable with. And, it seems wonderful that we all respect each other's choice's.  Something I have been writing about for a long time with my series the "Middle is Not Grey."

I liked so much being out of my comfortable range that I have continued creating works that really  challenge me. So I picked birds this year. It started in March when I visited my daughter in Florida and saw the most amazing bird at her feeder, a painted bunting. When i returned home I tried to paint the bird. It took me many tries to get something that I thought resembled the Painted Bunting. I was very tight with all of these paintings because I was trying to make them realistic. Most of you know that I'm not a realistic creator. So this first bird provided extreme challenges for me. 

I told myself, "Loosen up, free yourself up like a bird. Fly like a bird as that is the major thing you like about birds, that they can fly."
Loosening up didn't come easily, and I am still working on it. Robin was the the first breakthrough. Then, I did Ms Marigold and her partner, Tiger Bird.  That was the beginning. Now I am doing both versions and loving them very much. They coexist like we coexist with Covid and the different ways that we live with it.

Why are birds so wonderful for me? They just instinctively coexist with other birds and respect those other birds. They fly away when they know something is harmful for them and they return when the harm has left. And they are beautiful.

I found the below online symbolism regarding birds.

The spiritual meaning of birds, just like a bird totem, is one of elevation, enlightenment, hope, and wisdom. The bird power animal follows this meaning and provides us with unique gifts in the form of unique and independent perspectives and personalities.

WOW - this captures how I feel about birds in a nutshell! They have independent perspectives and personalities and are unique with unique gifts. No wonder I love birds.