The Ripples We Make Receives Award

Christine Alfery

Posted on February 25 2022

The Ripples We Make Receives Award

I'm honored that my work, "The Ripples We Make," received an Honorable Mention Award  in the 2022 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Members Online Show. This year there had been 210 entries for Juror, Denny Bond, to choose from.

Juror's Statement:
Judging an art show is always a challenge. There should be a certain amount of fairness in judging all styles even if the judge tends to be drawn to a certain one. This particular exhibit displayed a wide variety of styles from the abstract to the finely detailed, and even some that successfully combined both styles. What I sought first in the paintings was good design… a basic knowledge of placement and movement. Subject matter, color, emotion, and creativity are all the other elements that I feel are necessary to stand out in a competition with other artists.

I immediately thought Z. Feng’s painting “Snowy Creek” was exceptional in that it combined abstract with realism in a magical loose style with an acute awareness of design. I could emotionally experience the moment, cold and silent. Kathleen Giles’ portrait “A Certain Something” relayed drama, emotion and contrast. Dennis Albetski’s painting “Refining” was a effective representation of the darker colors contributing to the subject of the painting.

Basically all of the paintings that I selected for awards exhibited qualities that made me want to look further into their process of painting.

With that said, you are all worthy painters possessing the enthusiasm to create. Thank you for the opportunity to see your creations.

Denny Bond

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