I Want to Share with You - Christine's Gallery

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 15 2022

I Want to Share with You -  Christine's Gallery

I want to share with you this inspiring duo, and just in time for the upcoming Easter holiday. This is a photo of an Easter Lily by William Radant and a Poem to go with the photo Kindred by Lisa Poje Angelos . These pieces will be part of the new gallery that Christine Alfery is opening called Christine's Gallery and its first exhibition is called "Artist Muse 5" Poets and artists teamed up and were each other's muses. There will be approximately 40 artists and poets pairs. It is a wonderful opportunity for Wisconsin Artists and Poets to share their works to the public on line - especially with all the art gallery closings since COVID.




by Lisa Poje Angelos
With or without
The meaning you ascribe

I am a beautiful Lily flower
Like all beings, I mean to thrive
Forget not also the Lotus, nor
Orange blossom, Olive, Cedar,
Henna nor Rose
Each bringing meaning to hearts
As beautiful as your own

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