Howard Young Gallery Presents Artists Muse Exhibition

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 29 2021

Howard Young Gallery Presents Artists Muse Exhibition

Featured image: First Ice

The Howard Young Art Gallery is looking forward to the collaborative exhibitions of poets and artists working together again. The exhibition will take place towards the end of July thru the end of September with an open mic session via zoom or in person reception depending on COVID restrictions. The exhibition will be titled "Artists Muse." It's time to begin thinking about the artists/poets you know and who you would like to work with - and start your projects early. For the arts, both 3-D and 2-D are available. And my work is available for any poet who wishes to work with me and my artwork.

I will begin to gather names of poets and artists who wish to be part of this exhibition. Artists and poets can feel free to move ahead and work with an artist or poet partner of their own choosing. Preference is given to a combination of different artists and poets working together. It is recognized that many artists like myself write poetry and that poets create artwork.

Right now the gallery is excited to be opening again and looking forward to having exhibitions.

Please contact the gallery coordinator - Christine Alfery at if:

  • You are an artist and wish to put together an exhibition
  • Would like to connect with another artist
  • Need more information on how to submit poetry 
  • Any other poetry or art questions 

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