Aesthetic Moment: Worthwhile

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 03 2021

Aesthetic Moment: Worthwhile

Featured image: Seduction of Innocence 

“Living a worthwhile life on this earth entails spending a good portion of it doing things that aren’t worthwhile.” Douglas Wood

Is art worthwhile? I know some would say art is not necessary and that could also mean not worthwhile. But I like to think that art is not necessary because it is not worthwhile.

Why does everything have to be worthwhile, to be worthy of being necessary? Why is it important that things need to be necessary in order to be worthwhile?
I remember thinking that I like art because it isn’t worthwhile to many. It's glorious to have the kind of freedom that exists when what you are doing isn’t worthwhile. Think of how much pressure the word worthwhile puts on our very existence. The very idea that something is worthwhile makes the idea that being "not worthwhile" very appealing to me. I believe that it's important to be able to recognize that you need to know how to find - you - and in turn determine what is worthwhile and what is not. Then, pursue the one that gives your life the most freedom. When you allow all the worthwhile things to determine your life, then you are not allowing yourself any time for really knowing yourself.

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