Christine Alfery

Posted on May 13 2022


Featured image: Woody

I guess that I really am turning into some kind of birder. I so enjoy watching them move about in the backyard. I have had wood ducks parade across my backyard looking for a place to stay for the summer. They are so vibrantly colored with dark greens, blacks that shine into purples, natural browns and tans. They’re marvelous birds! I welcome their visit when they come. My wood ducks nest somewhere in our woods. But, they are so fickle as mate with a different mate every year.

Taxonomy. Wood duck boxes need to be installed prior to their spring migration when mating occurs which is March-April here in Wisconsin. Wood ducks begin forming pairs at their wintering grounds in January. Like most duck species, they do not mate with the same mate for life. www.wisducks.org


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