Woodpecker’s Spirit

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 04 2022

Woodpecker’s Spirit

Featured image: The Spirit of a Woodpecker

I have always said if there is reincarnation I will come back as a woodpecker. I can relate totally to that determined spirit they have as they forge for a bug stuck deep in a tree- the woodpecker’s spirit.

Turning to online resources Millersguild.com about woodpeckers, I found the below.

“Having a woodpecker as a spirit animal means you’re a keen opportunity-seeker. You know what it takes to have a successful and joyful life. Rewards never come without constant learning and spiritual development.

These people are skillful, passionate, and creative. Their motivation is ever-growing, and they are adept at balancing their personal and private life. Due to being compassionate, individuals guided by the woodpecker spirit tend to build meaningful relationships.

Moreover, such persons can love unconditionally. Once they commit to someone, they will stop at nothing to protect their loved ones. Sensitivity adorns them, and faithfulness is one of their most pronounced traits.”

Yup, I totally suit the spirit of a woodpecker.

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