Wired Creatively

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 21 2022

Wired Creatively

Featured image: Changed II

Science labels and defines just about everything. Everything. Science is not afraid of changing a label if it no longer fits. When I ask myself, "Just where do our creative thoughts and imaginings, and concepts and ideas come from?" The answer is always from the mind, the brain. Have you ever looked at how science has labeled the brain? Here is a simple example:

I have been reading about the mind/brain lately – mainly because I really do want to know where our creativity comes from. I have been reading about the recent neuroscience studies and they are really fascinating.
When I was in college it used to be a joke that all artists were right-brain oriented and that is where creativity came from. I can remember debates about the newly imagined and that it could only happen if your mind was a blank slate. Artists believed that they could create that state of mind. I posted in a post a couple of days ago that Cezanne felt that way, for Pete's sake, I felt that way. I honestly thought that God would send me messages and that I was only a vessel for these messages and everything I painted came from Him. I believed that He had a purpose for my work and He was filling my vessel. I no longer believe that. Yet, I know and read about many artists who do. Mind you, I still believe I am a message for God's words but there is nothing special about what I do and His words come from the Bible and what I read. It is these readings that in turn inspire me.

I believe creativity and skill and our perception of our self, grows and changes simply by using our minds. So, is it true that all artists are right brain dominant? Is that where our creativity comes from?

When I went online to look for the book that surfaced about "right brain" and "left brain" from when I was in undergrad school, I came across some amazing sayings and posters. All of them were talking about the right brain and left brain. One book by Ransom Stephens, emphasizing neuroscience was titled “The Left Brain Speaks, The Right Brain Laughs.” I love that one.

I will be writing about the mind/brain in the next few posts. Other than what I said earlier about where I think creativity comes from, I can see that the answer is not so simple and I am fascinated, including the dominance of one side over the other when it comes to the creation of self, and the soul, spirit. I am saying to myself, "No wonder I believe the middle is not grey." So, I will leave you here with some posters I saw on Amazon with the right, left brain illustrated. Quite lovely some of them. Not art – but quite lovely.

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