Why Does a Conceptual Abstract Artist Paint Flowers

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 30 2023

Why Does a Conceptual Abstract Artist Paint Flowers

Featured image: Touch of Spring

If you know my aesthetic, you may wonder why this abstract artist is suddenly painting flowers, flowers and more flowers. The simple answer? Because I can.

When I say it is important for an artist to have freedom in creativity I mean it. And right now the colors and subject matter of flowers make me so happy – so I am going to continue to do them. It surprises me - I have never painted flowers for such an extended period of time. But I am learning so much in this process – and that is what being an artist is all about - discovering, exploring and doing what you love. So bear with me - yet another flower. 

I recently wrote about the pandemic and creativity. I thought about the creative spirit and the freedom to be able to paint over something that isn't working for you as an artist. Creativity isn't about saying ‘well technically this is just fine’ rather it is about saying ‘I love it with all its flaws and imperfections’. 

As an artist I may see imperfection, but I have found that others often don't see art that way. Rather they often see the beauty and creativity and appreciate and love something that I thought of as imperfect. That is one of the valuable lessons from art that I sincerely wish would be carried over into life - seeing the beauty and experiencing the artist in the work and relating to someone through art. Loving something that someone worries about is imperfect. Translated into life, seeing the beauty and appreciating or relating to the perspective and experience of someone else in a way that is different – that is true acceptance and that is wonderful. 

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