Christine Alfery

Posted on November 01 2022


Featured image: Patchwork Landscape

Why would artist Marcel DuChamp enter a urinal turned upside down and sign it “R.Mutt” into a major international art exhibition? Because he wanted to say, no, and shout something. He was concerned about how art was understood, controlled and governed. He was asking, “Is art an object?” He was saying, “No, art is more than that.” He was asking, “Does art have to be authorized as art?” For example, putting an everyday object, a urinal, in a different position in a major art museum?

DuChamp with is urinal “art” gave permission to all artist who followed him to think differently about art. I am one of those artists who has followed DuChamp, traveled his path, chosen to think differently about art all the time, and I am forever grateful for his thinking.

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