Blog: What's In The Clouds?

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 13 2021

Blog: What's In The Clouds?

Featured image: The Mask

Have you ever looked up into the sky and visualized or imagined animals, fish, people or landscapes in them? Today I saw a bear – a leaping bear. Its mouth was wide open with teeth showing and he had round ears and a short tail. (Do bears even have tails? I'll have to look that one up.)

The sun's rays were radiating from behind the bear. The edges of the cloud were glowing.

The same imagining and concept creating happens when I begin to create with paint. I take very abstract forms and imagine what they could be, and then, I begin to create.

That is what happened in my work, “Mask.” The concept, the idea of a mask conjures up all kinds of meaning not only for me but also for the viewer. For me, it is about being your authentic self and not being what others want you to be.

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