Blog: What is your sense of life – aka How interconnections work naturally

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 16 2020

Blog: What is your sense of life – aka How interconnections work naturally

Featured image: Jamboree on the Beach

I am always pleased when a lover of the arts sees my work and describes my sense of life as playful and happy. When I hear these comments it tells me 1 – they recognize me in the work and, 2- they know what my sense of life is. 

I believe you need to recognize your sense of life because it influences your work and becomes your style. Knowing your sense of life is how you put yourself into your work.  

Sunshine and Rainbows by Christine Alfery
Sunshine and Rainbows won the Gladys Gibson Bronze Medal Award

What is your sense of life? If you are an artist, does your artwork reflect your sense of life?

As a conceptual artist my sense of life is quite abstract. My art takes abstractions that come from reality, and makes them visible.  Through artwork I try to visually communicate the abstractions of the world – to recognize concepts and how they interconnect.

The Scale by Christine Alfery
The Scale, The Machine, The Natural by Christine Alfery

Right now I am exploring the concept of man-made design and how it interconnects with natural-made design. These concepts are not necessarily representational tangible objects or previously defined ideas – but I see them, I feel them, and hopefully through my art you can as well.

My sense of life cherishes the very concept of life itself - to respect my life and the lives of others. I respect my life by being a good steward of it, and while I can not be a steward of other's lives, I can respect them.

I live by my values, I am guided by my morals - freedom, honor, respect, honesty, independence, these are a few. I value an environment that is conducive to the survival of these values rather than governs or limits the individual's efforts to achieve those values or entraps the dignity of the individual. No one has the right to force another to believe like they do. It is my hope that my values can be seen throughout my artwork. 

My new series deals with the notions of force, and freedom, entrapment and escape. "Building A Dam, Changing the Natural Flow" is an excellent example of that. 

I hope you can recognize my sense of life in all I create. 

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