What Is Your Outlook On Life

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 21 2021

What Is Your Outlook On Life

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What is your outlook on life? What do you believe is the purpose of your life, your reason for living?

The philosophy of metaphysics studies your being, your sense of being and who you are. It studies your identity or identities. Metaphysics studies change and how change effects your outlook regarding your purpose. It studies the nature of things, including your reason for living, your behaviors, your purpose for your life and your outlook on life, your view of life, your sense of life. Is there a sense of wonder in your sense of life?

Your sense of life is who you are. It includes your sense of self and how you deal with things, it includes your values, ethics and morals. Your view of life is how you understand life in general and life as a whole.

It is an artist’s view of sense of life that is integrated into their work. It effects their choices for their work and what to put into their work. It is an artist’s sense of life that becomes their style. It is the artist's sense of life that a viewer relates to when they get involved in an artist’s work, be it good or bad. The key thing here is that a sense of life should be unique, on- of-a-kind and individual, not someone else’s view of life.

It makes sense that your sense of life, your nature, your judgements and how you relate to just plain existing. Are you rational or irrational? Do you shoot from the hip and make judgements quickly? Do you allow yourself to be controlled and governed by others unknowingly? I say unknowingly because most folks would say that they aren’t controlled by another. However, when they closely examine their life, they are in fact, controlled and governed by another, by others.

My sense of life, my reason for living includes my values, my ethics and my morals. It includes my sense of freedom. I examine carefully what I commit to and always ask the question, "Who benefits from my action here?" I believe in the statement, “One reaps what they sow?” If we are controlled or governed by others, then we are unable to reap anything, because we sow what they want us to sow. And the very act of not reaping something effects our outlook on life and our sense of life. It effects our values, our morals, our judgements and our freedoms. It effects our unique self.

Life has its ups and downs, but one’s outlook on life, one’s sense of life should not be effected by either if we continually ask, "Are we reaping what we sow?" Who benefits? If you do not reap what you sow, yet you find yourself sowing for others a lot, ask yourself why are you doing that? What is your sense of life?
When you are sowing, are you including your values, your ethics, your morals and what you believe to be right? If not, who are you sowing for? And are you still free?


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