Visit from the Mergansers

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 11 2022

Visit from the Mergansers

Featured image: Merganser

This morning when I looked out the window to see if the ice was all gone on the lake, I saw two merganser ducks in the water close to the beach. I didn’t know what they were at the time. They are such beautiful ducks with their stately crowns and stark black and white coloring. They were migrating north. Spring is so glorious for many reasons but one of them is the unusual birds that stop on their way north just to say hello. Sometimes, I don’t always catch them but today I did.

I have written about migration many times on this blog. Imagine leaving your home twice a year and flying north for however far you go. Some say birds return to the same northern home as they do when they travel south. I know we seem to always have a pair of loons,  Nesting on the little island on our lake.  I saw them just the other day checking things out. 

The online dictionary defines migration as: “movement from one part of something to another.” I think of our lives as multiple migrations from many different things. For we are constantly changing during our lives and the journeys we take, never ending also in some way living on.



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