Blog: Treasures from the Shore

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 17 2019

Cabin Along The Shores Of Lake Superior by Christine Alfery

Featured image: Cabin Along the Shores of Lake Superior

Walking back from the shores of Lake Superior my pocket filled with little treasures I found along the beach.  Each a precious jewel with their own character that caught my eye. Made me bend down and pick it up to take a closer look.

It could have been the clear white stripe through the entire rock, it could have been the sparkle within the rock, it could have be the repeated wavy lines that look like a topography map, it could have been it’s unique color.  It always was this one is different, of course they were all different, but this one caught my eye. All of them were unique, individual, one of a kind but this one caught my eye and for that reason I put it in my pocket to treasure over and over again when I go through my precious rocks.

Artists and the work they do are like that.  Artists and the work that they do are unique, one of a kind treasures we can remember for a long time.  That rock, after I took it home joined my collection of rocks in my garden. That rock, came from a whole slew of rocks, and that rock rejoined another slew of rocks.  Joining a slew does not take away that rocks uniqueness. Those rocks remind me of Lake Superior and how glorious I feel when I look off into to the far horizon and only see a faint line  of a blue that is a little darker than the sky and water that it separates.

That is what art is all about.  It’s about the stroll through a gallery, an artists studio. It is about stopping and taking a second look at something that catches your eye and attention.  It is about unique-ness and one of a kindness and it is about how you relate to what the work and the artist are trying to say.

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